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M.C. Chartyon Ltd.,Part.

The leader in truck ball joints from the country of Japan Japan No.1.
We’re so confident in the quality and technology standards of the countries Japan.

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Guaranteed satisfaction from more than 600 cars truck operators throughout the country.

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Pass over 2 years until he made sure that the great bear, so imports sold in Thailand.

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Long life to the maximum 5-year oil resistant. The rubber gets chipped a simple compression. Highly flexible rubber.



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Confidence in the quality of the prostate and car from Japan, brutal, work hard, we can handle it.


Leaders from Japan, JAPAN NO.1 prostate truck

We have confidence in technology, quality and standards of Japan, truck, rock, soil, sand, hard hard.

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***Beware of Fakes***

About Us

Leaders from Japan, Japan No.1 prostate truck

We have confidence in technology, quality and standards of Japan.

  • Japanese standards
  • Made in Japan by the standards of Japan

  • Long service
  • The longevity of the highest 5 years do not change frequently

  • Test
  • Have been tested in both Japan and Thailand to durability stronger

  • Durable
  • Withstand the conditions and use

Our work

We focus on customers and realizes the importance of standards. The test both in Japan and Thailand.
For customers to ensure that our products good, strong, resistant, suitable for the truck.

M.C. Chartyon Ltd.,Part.

Raweewan Wannawijit (Sales Manager)

Mobile : 084-1751654
E-mail : w.raveewan@gmail.com
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Line ID : mc.raweewan

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Line ID : mc.raweewan